Spring Fair GrootGroenPlus

19 & 20 January 2022

Spring Fair GrootGroenPlus

19 & 20 January 2022

Groenbeurs Zundert 2022

On 19 and 20 January 2022, GrootGroenPlus would host its fifth spring fair.

This offers participants of Trade Fair GrootGroenPlus the possibility to promote sales in the spring. The fall can be the time to work on maintaining relationships.

The spring fair will be hosted at the same location as GrootGroenPlus, it will make use of the same network, platform, and the same suppliers.


Latest news

28 januari 2021

Between 19 and 26 January, we hosted the GGP Promotion week. During this week, we put the spotlight on all participants of the 31st edition of trade fair GrootGroenPlus, which is to take place from 6 to 8 October 2021. We did this for example by presenting their participant profiles thr...

21 januari 2021

During the GGP Promotion Week of 19-26 January 2021 , we launched three brand-new tours around the companies of our participants. We visited Plant Market BV (D007), Boomkwekerij Arno van Nunen BV (D052), and Boomkwekerij Gerrit Luiten (D136). Usually, we meet these participa...

20 januari 2021

Since it is not possible to host a physical fourth edition of Groenbeurs Zundert, we will put all participants of the fall edition in the spotlight during the GGP Promotion week , from 19-26 January 2021.    To that end, trade fair GrootGroenPlus and Uitgeverij De Bode joined forces...