09 december 2021

It has been a fixed item on the schedule of many international buyers: the Groenbeurs Zundert. This sales fair is usually hosted in January. However, due to the current situation and the expectations around Covid-19, this will probably not be possible. That is why the decision has been made to postpone the physical edition of 19-20 January, and to see if there are any possibilities for a summer edition around mid June.
Sales fair
Groenbeurs Zundert is a great addition to trade fair GrootGroenPlus, the relationship trade fair of the tree nursery industry. This trade fair will also be hosted in 2022, on 5-7 October. It is already possible to register through the website
At the sales fair, the focus is on purchasing. Buyers get the opportunity to purchase everything they need from green professionals in Zundert and the surrounding area, in just a short period of time. 
That is why it was deemed important not to cancel Groenbeurs Zundert 2022, but to look at alternatives. One of the possibilities would be rescheduling in June. There will of course be additional (digital) attention for the participants around 19 and 20 January 2022, for example through a third edition of the Kwekersbode.
Connection with (international) fairs
Groenbeurs Zundert is specifically intended to offer buyers the opportunity to see a wide assortment in a short period of time, during one trip. That is why - like in January - we will try to connect with other (international) trade fairs.
Want to know more?
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28 januari 2021

Between 19 and 26 January, we hosted the GGP Promotion week. During this week, we put the spotlight on all participants of the 31st edition of trade fair GrootGroenPlus, which is to take place from 6 to 8 October 2021. We did this for example by presenting their participant profiles through,, and the quadrilingual trade fair app. Participants were also able to add a product promotion film to their profiles.

Some participants also included an eye in their profile, to show that visitors were also welcome to make an appointment to visit the company. These eyes will remain visible on the profiles up until 31 January 2021.

KwekersBode (Newspaper)

We also published a bilingual KwekersBode, including six editorial articles and information regarding trade fair GrootGroenPlus. Many GrootGroenPlus participants used this KwekersBode for advertisements and advertorials, on which they received a 20 per cent discount.

Attention was drawn to the assortment, for example by integrating a search engine with the current stock of our green participant. We did this in collaboration with Varb. Users were able to use the website and trade fair app to search for participant name and botanical name. Participants were included in the search engine for free; they received a temporary Varb account.

The Promotion week also included a seminar on PR and staffing, with topic such as an outlook on work, greenfluencers, and lateral entrants, followed by the general meeting of Treeport. We also broadcasted a webinar on online visibility, information, tips, and advice on paid and unpaid advertising, and we put out a call to register for a free analysis for participants of GGP 2021.

Company tours

We visited the companies of three participants; Plant Market BV, Boomkwekerij Gerrit Luiten vof, and Boomkwekerij Arno van Nunen BV, and recorded company tours there. These company tours are aligned with three broadcasts we made last autumn, at the participants Business Centre Treeport BV, Tenax Tree-Plugs & Seeds, and Boomkwekerij Damen.

Road Show

We also announced the four winners of the Road Show of 2020, and the winner of the field inspection related to the regular novelty inspection of 2020. All these messages where shared through the website, social media (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram), and push messages. This resulted in a lot of activity on our digital platforms - which shows that the promotion really works.

GGP 2021

Of course, the participant profiles and trade fair app will remain active, and all broadcasts can be viewed through our online channels, the websites, and the trade fair app. If you didn’t see or hear everything, you can follow the linked words, marked green. These will lead you to that specific subject or that broadcast. 

Would you like to contact us? Please do so via or the chat option on the website. Are you not registered as a participant yet, but would you like to become one and benefit from everything that GrootGroenPlus has to offer? Please register through the registration form on the website. 

21 januari 2021

During the GGP Promotion Week of 19-26 January 2021, we launched three brand-new tours around the companies of our participants.

We visited Plant Market BV (D007), Boomkwekerij Arno van Nunen BV (D052), and Boomkwekerij Gerrit Luiten (D136).

Usually, we meet these participants at the spring and fall editions of GrootGroenPlus, but during this special promotion week, we see them at their respective locations.

Allow the camera to give you some insight into the origins, background, products, or services and the current strength of these three diverse companies. 

The informative and surprising visits can be viewed by clicking on the images below, but also through the participant profiles, the YouTube channel, and the trade fair app.

Arno van Nunen   Gerrit Luiten

20 januari 2021

Since it is not possible to host a physical fourth edition of Groenbeurs Zundert, we will put all participants of the fall edition in the spotlight during the GGP Promotion week, from 19-26 January 2021. 
To that end, trade fair GrootGroenPlus and Uitgeverij De Bode joined forces to publish a new copy of the KwekersBode on paper and a digital bilingual version. This has turned into an edition to keep! You can read the English edition here.


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