GGP promo

15 december 2020

We currently have 156 participants for the fall fair of 6-8 October 2021. Please check out the list of participants on the website and in the app to see who they are. During the week of 19-26 January 2021, we will put the spotlight on all the participants of the fall trade fair, for example by:

  • promoting the participant profiles, so make sure that you fill it in completely!
  • placing ‘eyes’ next to all participants who open up their company during the promotion week. Please register via
  • activating the full search engine during the promotion week, in cooperation with Varb, which will include the current stock. We will ask people to update their stock in the beginning of January.
  • broadcasting the three company tours at participants.
  • awarding a field inspection on 20 January.
  • creating connection between the public part of the general meeting of the Coöperatieve vereniging Treeport Zundert U.A.
  • publishing a bilingual KwekersBode (Growers newspaper) on 20 January.
  • adjusting the websites, app, and webapp to 2021.
  • being active on social media
    You can use the participant environment to add a logo, photo, favourite plant, social media, and chat functions to your participant profile. You can also find general documents here, such as a manual for the use of e-mail banners. The website also has downloadable trade fair logos with slogan.
    It is possible to add a movie to the participant profile. These movies were made for free during the fall fair of GGP 2020. We can still help you creating a movie or replace your previous one, at a rate of 350 euros per minute. This rate excludes VAT and travel expenses, but includes translation and subtitling. The movie will be recorded at your company and not in the studio.
    During the promotion week, a KwekersBode will be distributed. Participants can publish advertisements or advertorials in this magazine, at a discount of 20%. The KwekersBode will be delivered to 53,000 addresses in the municipalities of Zundert, Rucphen, Etten-Leur, and Halderberge. The digital version will be published in Dutch and English, and it will be sent to 18,000 national and international contacts of GGP. Uitgeverij de Bode and GGP will work together on this project, and GGP will take care of the content.
    We ask all participants to be active during the promotion week. Requests and questions can be placed via Of course, we’ll share more calls to action, examples, and tips with you in the run-up towards the promotion week. Please participate! Activity will pay off! Show yourself!
    If you haven’t registered as a participant for GGP 2021, which will be hosted from 6-8 October 2021 and is the kick-off of the trading season; please register now. You can find the registration form online!